Almagard® 3752 is a very tacky water resistant grease, that remains in place for a very long time, much longer than any other product. It does not pound out and it has a very high dropping point (no dripping). Its use will extend the re-lubrication periods and will reduce machinery wear and failures.

Typical performance of Almagard® 3752 in windlasses (above pics). Almagard® 3752 remains in place after six months of operation and no re-lubrication.

Almatek® 1235 is a tacky grease with excellent water resistance characteristics, that can be used for the lubrication of marine steel wire ropes. It will remain in the wires for much longer periods than other commercial products and will reduce the need for re-lubrication of mooring wire ropes.

Both products contain Quinplex®, Lubrication Engineers proprietary additive that enhances tackiness and water resistance performance.

Earthwise™ EAL 3353 is an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (grease), that can be used safely in applications which are either immersed into sea water, or there is a possibility for the lubricant to come in contact with the sea water surface.

The 2013 VGP, requires the use of EAL lubricants in all applications meeting the above mentioned possibility of lubricant contact with sea water.

When used in combination with the Viper® Wire Rope Lubricator, it will decrease the need of re-lubrication, which in result will reduce grease consumption and will increase the life of the wire ropes.

Overall Lubrication Engineers SA argues, that Almagard® 3752, Almatek® 1235 & Earthwise™ 3353 are the most cost effective greases currently available in the market, for the lubrication of deck machinery.