Earthwise™ 3353 is an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (grease), that can be used in applications which are either immersed into sea water, or there is a possibility for the lubricant to come in contact with the sea water surface.

The 2013 VGP, requires the use of EAL lubricants in all applications meeting the above mentioned possibility of lubricant contact with sea water.

The 3 main mandatory characteristics of an EAL lubricant are:

  • Biodegradability of more than 60% in 28 days
  • Low aquatic toxicity
  • Low bioaccumulation

As a result of the inherent high biodegradability rate, an EAL product although it may be eco friendly, will not stay on the application for a prolonged time. This is more prominent for applications which are subjected to water wash out, such as the first meters of mooring wire ropes.

In order to protect the application, more frequent lubrication practices should be followed.

What is the difference of Lubrication Engineers’ Earthwise™ 3353 ?

Lubrication Engineers’ Earthwise™ 3353 contains Quinplex®, a unique non toxic proprietary additive, which enhances the ability of the product to stick on metal surfaces, increases wear protection and provides great water proof characteristics. This is an additive which can only be found in Earthwise™ 3353 something which separates it by far, from all conventional EAL greases.

Earthwise™ 3353 also contains LE’s proprietary additive Almasol®, a solid wear reducing additive, that withstands pressures up to 400.000 psi. It will also withstand chemical attacks and high temperatures.

Common commercially available EAL greases usually remain in place for a couple of operations of the mooring lines (particularly the first 25-30 meters that are immersed into the water). Earthwise™ 3353 is expected to outperform this, by staying in place for at least 3 times longer in the first portion of the rope that is immersed into the water, due to less grease being washed out (due to Quinplex® additive), thus less grease will biodegrade and vanish.

When used in combination with the Viper® Wire Rope Lubricator, it will decrease the need of re-lubrication, which in result will reduce grease consumption cost and will increase the life of the wire ropes.

Overall Lubrication Engineers SA argues, that Earthwise™ 3353 is a cost effective EAL grease, for the lubrication of mooring wire ropes.