Since 1972, LE International’s experienced global team of more than 50 distributors has helped our customers increase their profitability through the use of high-performance LE lubricants.

Providing reliability for the industrial world

With our global team of highly trained distributors, enhanced lubricants and extensive range of reliability products for world class lubricant cleanliness, Lubrication Engineers International provides solutions for all lubrication-related challenges. LE’s products outperform conventional lubricants in industrial plants worldwide: food & beverage, mining, power generation, water & wastewater treatment, transportation, cement.

Personal, professional & qualified service

LE International supports our customers worldwide via a network of highly trained and experienced distributors. Many are either certified or studying to
be certified through STLE or ICML.

Key benefits of LE’s enhanced lubricants and world class reliability programmes include:

  • Extended service intervals (reduced lubricant consumption)
  • Reduced energy consumption (less friction)
  • Increased equipment life (less wear)
  • Minimising inventory (through multipurpose products)
  • Improved reliability (less expensive downtime)

Our consultants’ goal is always to reduce your maintenance and operating costs – providing a greater return on investment due to the use of enhanced lubricants and reliability best practices. Find your local LE team.

Industrial Lubricants
Marine Lubricants

• Waterproof greases with exceptional water washout resistance, resistance to high pressures and shock loads. They stay in place for prolonged periods of time with no need for re-lubrication (for windlasses, winches, wire ropes, pin & bushes, couplings etc).
• Lubricating oils with very long operational life (dry dock to dry dock application). They cling tenaciously on metal surfaces, separate readily and completely from water and reduce wear under very high loads.
• EAL lubricants (Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants), in accordance to 2013 VGP, providing exceptionally high performance and wear protection.

Viper MK II Wire Rope Lubricator
Engine Oils and Fuel


Oil Spill Eater (OSE II)

Non toxic, 100% biodegradable product, used for the cleaning of oil and fuel spills or leakages virtually everywhere. It bio-remidiates (decomposes) hydrocarbons, converting them to CO2* & water. Suitable to be used for marine vessel deck cleaning, tank cleaning, industrial application cleaning, leakages on cement, tarmac, ground etc
Included in US EPA’ s NCP list.

Asset Reliability Solutions (ARS)